Flavours of Pakistan: Village Food Series – Taste of Punjab

Food has the power to unite people as Pakistani especially the rich Punjabi food made with desi ghee and succulent taste that gives a more exotic flavour to Punjabi dishes. The major feature of Punjabi dishes is its diverse range of dishes that are cooked with love.


Fast Food Restaurants In Lahore

People now generally prioritize fast food restaurant instead of going for certain healthy options or desi foods. Since Lahore is well-known for food lovers people over there also prefer fast food and we have gathered some of the popular fast foods in Lahore.

Savour Foods: Why Is It So Popular

Savour Foods, 3rd popular thing from Pindi, 1st is Sheikh Rashid, 2nd is Pindi Boys. Every Pakistani who has visited the Twin Cities never forgets to visit Savour Foods. Savour foods is not only popular in Rawalpindi, it is also famous around the country having its 3rd branch in Lahore.

How To Start Keto Diet A Guide For Beginners

Ketogenic Diet is known as many different names such as low carb diet, keto diet, low carb high fat (LCHF) etc. People love to adapt Ketogenic Diet as optimal ketone level offers many health, weight loss, mental performance, and physical benefits. Following are some of the benefits provided by the ketogenic diet.

Easy Ways To Cut Back On Sugar In Your Daily Life

If a person consumes a high amount of sugar then it will eventually lead the body to a higher risk of diabetes to obesity to the less healthy skin. We have gathered three easy ways to cut back on sugar in your daily life and help you crave less for the sweet stuff too.

Best Rooftops To Visit In Karachi

Karachi, the city of lights and when we talk about foods, Karachi has much variation and variety of restaurants where people can enjoy eating. We have managed to gather a list of best rooftops restaurants in Karachi so that you will not miss your favorite place.

Essential Vitamins Our Body Needs To Stay Healthy

Vitamins play a vital part in our day to day life i.e. wandering off disease and make our body strong and healthy to let us work and play effectively and efficiently. If we eat certain fruits, vegetables, and fortified food we will probably get all the nutrients and vitamins we need.

Everything You Need To Know If You Woke Up With Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bite is usually painless but the fact is that they do cause itching. An adult bed bug usually takes 3 to 1 minutes to extract a full blood meal and when it is done feeding it eventually high tails it back to the shadows to digest the meal.

10 Easy Exercises You Can Do At The Office

While many of the people go to the office and cannot utilize time for exercise but now you can certainly make time to exercise and stretch while incorporating them into your daily routine. Following are the 10 stretches you can incorporate while at your desk just like yoga.

Best Rooftops To Visit In Islamabad

We have managed to pull and bring the best rooftops restaurants to visit in Islamabad so you can enjoy the weather with delicious food in the mesmerizing environment. Following are some of the best restaurants you should definitely visit while in Islamabad.

Top Fat Burning Foods

Stop eating foods full of calories that will help you gain weight rather focus on losing weight by eating healthy fat burning foods. Following are some of the fat burning foods that help your body to build muscle, revive your metabolism, and has great ability to burn fat.

Benefits Of Eating Together

Now it’s time to bring everyone (family) together on the table as eating together and dining together gives everyone a sense of identity that can eventually help in many easy such as helping ease in day-to-day conflicts while establishing traditions and memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Foods You Should Never Eat Before Bed

If you feel tempted to eat snacks before going to bed then always distance yourself from some food items that cannot be good before going to sleep. We have prepared a list of foods you should not have before going to sleep. After all, a good sleep is a key to good health.

Trending Dress Designers This Eid-Ul-Fitr In Pakistan

We have gathered some of the iconic fashion designers from all over Pakistan and their amazing outfits will be blown away your mind. Following are some of the best designers for men and women in Pakistan that will provide you best outfit for your Eid day.

What To Cook Namkeen On This Meethi Eid

In Pakistan, the celebration of Eid Al Fitr is celebrated with full enthusiasm and they prepare appetizers, main course meal, desserts, and salads for the guests that includes many items and is loved by all. We have gathered the best namkeen recipes by cooking experts that you will love. Following are some of the unique mouth-watering dishes you can prepare for your Eid table this year.

White Sugar V/S Brown Sugar: Which One Is Best To Use

White and brown both are and can be used as sweeteners but then people usually ask what is the difference between brown sugar and white sugar and compares brown sugar v/s white sugar which is healthier. Brown sugar is healthier as it does undergo the process of granulation and is refined with molasses added.

Oily Skin: Home Remedies To Get Rid Off

Oily skin could occur due to the number of reasons such as genetics, hormonal changes, even if you take too much stress it can also cause an increase in the sebum production. Many people always have a question in their mind which is how to get rid of oily skin? Following are some of the home remedies for oily skin you can incorporate.

Mindless Eating: A Phobia?

There are certain reasons due to which mindless eating could occur and one of the great reasons is through overeating that is not because of greed or any other self-centeredness but because of our environments. You can read more about mindless eating here and share your stories or thoughts about mindless eating.

7 Best Natural Hair Oils

Whether you want to make your hair thicker or treat your dandruff or dry scalp, or give your hair extra strength and shine, lighten your hair naturally these essential oil are much safer and are super effective as conventional hair care products. Read more

Do’s and Dont’s on This Valentine’s Day

This day is considered as the special day to show your love by giving Valentine’s Day gifts to your special person. Following are the ten do’s and don’ts for Valentine’s Day that can definitely help you make this year’s big day even better than ever. Read more

Top 10 Technological Discoveries in 2017 Part 1

2017 is now a part of our past, but last year mankind has achieved some new milestones in technological advancements, discoveries i.e. Gravitational Waves as Albert Einstein predicted and Elon Musk’s Tesla Truck (A New Generation of Trucks). Read more

Wedding Fashion in East And West

Wedding, a most important part of a girl’s life, they start to plan their weddings, wedding arrangments, color schemes and most importantly their Wedding Dresses despite the cultural difference around the world. We have brought to you a very few of most elegant wedding dresses from Eastern and Western culture. Read more

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