Mindless Eating: A Phobia?

There are certain reasons due to which mindless eating could occur and one of the great reasons is through overeating that is not because of greed or any other self-centeredness but because of our environments. You can read more about mindless eating here and share your stories or thoughts about mindless eating.


7 Best Natural Hair Oils

Whether you want to make your hair thicker or treat your dandruff or dry scalp, or give your hair extra strength and shine, lighten your hair naturally these essential oil are much safer and are super effective as conventional hair care products. Read more

Do’s and Dont’s on This Valentine’s Day

This day is considered as the special day to show your love by giving Valentine’s Day gifts to your special person. Following are the ten do’s and don’ts for Valentine’s Day that can definitely help you make this year’s big day even better than ever. Read more

Top 10 Technological Discoveries in 2017 Part 1

2017 is now a part of our past, but last year mankind has achieved some new milestones in technological advancements, discoveries i.e. Gravitational Waves as Albert Einstein predicted and Elon Musk’s Tesla Truck (A New Generation of Trucks). Read more

Wedding Fashion in East And West

Wedding, a most important part of a girl’s life, they start to plan their weddings, wedding arrangments, color schemes and most importantly their Wedding Dresses despite the cultural difference around the world. We have brought to you a very few of most elegant wedding dresses from Eastern and Western culture. Read more

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