Essential Vitamins Our Body Needs To Stay Healthy

Vitamins play a vital part in our day to day life i.e. wandering off disease and make our body strong and healthy to let us work and play effectively and efficiently. If we eat certain fruits, vegetables, and fortified food we will probably get all the nutrients and vitamins we need.


Everything You Need To Know If You Woke Up With Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bite is usually painless but the fact is that they do cause itching. An adult bed bug usually takes 3 to 1 minutes to extract a full blood meal and when it is done feeding it eventually high tails it back to the shadows to digest the meal.

10 Easy Exercises You Can Do At The Office

While many of the people go to the office and cannot utilize time for exercise but now you can certainly make time to exercise and stretch while incorporating them into your daily routine. Following are the 10 stretches you can incorporate while at your desk just like yoga.